Why Should the Church Fight Racism?

August 16, 2020
Ephesians 2:11–22
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Sermon Description

What does God have to say about racism? The church should fight racism because the gospel reconciles us to God and one another.


In lieu of a formal discussion guide for this series, we're going to spend time in focused prayer. Each week we will be praying for 2 different things: 1. A topic related to the sermon and the series and 2. One of our ServeNOLA partners. Join our church as we pray for ourselves, our church, our city, and our world.

Racism Series
  • Pray for the church. Let's intercede on behalf of Jesus' church that the church would be a place where all people are welcome and where all people can feel like family.
ServeNOLA Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Volunteer numbers: Pray for recruiting new volunteers and keeping our current volunteers safe.
  • Burn Out: Pray that our staff doesn't get burned out working as such a quick speed.
  • Food: Pray that food continues to come in and they are able to process as usual.
Sermon Snapshot

Check out a brief snapshot from this message. Like what you see? Make sure to check out the full sermon video above.

One Body, One Church
Because Jesus has reconciled us to one another, we’re one church and one family. Watch as Pastor Dustin encourages us to make sure all people feel welcome to become a part of the family that is the church.

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