Our vKids ministry is available for children (potty trained-fourth grade) during our Sunday morning service. Children are welcomed to remain in the service if they are too young/parent preference.

See below for a more in-depth look at how our vKids ministry would normally operate.

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We believe that kids are the Church of the Future

This means that we must serve, train, and love them today so that God can use them as leaders and servants for generations to come.

Babies and Toddlers

Our Babies and Toddlers Room is for 0-2 year olds. Here, vKids leaders show babies and toddlers the love of God by caring for them and teaching them through simple words and songs. When a child turns 2 years old, he or she will be promoted to the Preschool Rooms.


Our Preschool Rooms are for children ages 2-until they begin Kindergarten. Our preschoolers have two rooms. The first room is for children who are 2-3 and may not be fully potty-trained. This room is equipped with a restroom, filled with age-appropriate toys and games for the children to have fun and learn before and after the worship and story time. The second room is for children who are 3-5. We have an amazing team who leads our preschoolers to learn God’s Word and worship Him through Bible stories, songs, movement, and activities. After a child enters kindergarten, he or she will be promoted to the School-Age Room.


Our School-Age Room is for children in K-5th grade. At Vintage we believe that learning in circles and in rows is the best way to grow, which is why we have worship gatherings and community groups. At vKids, we try to do the same thing. The School-Age Room is an area that allows school-age children to have a large-group style gathering that mirrors what adults do in the worship gathering in a fun and engaging way. Afterward, they will have small group time guiding the children through discussion, activities, and prayer. After a child completes fifth grade, he or she will be promoted to vStudents, Vintage’s student ministry, the following August.

Vintage Church exists to:

  • Live the Gospel
  • Serve the City
  • Be the Church

vKids exists to:

  • Learn the Gospel
  • Love Each Other
  • Become the Church

vKids accomplishes this through:


Every vKid should know that God loves them.


Every vkid should have a clean, secure environment, and trustworthy leaders.


Every vKid has a family, so serving vKids means serving families.


Every vKid loves fun and shall have it!

Serve the Church of the Future

vkids is the ministry that serves babies–5th grade kids so that they can grow up to become the Church of the Future. We do this in four ways: Truth, Safety, Fun, and Partnership. You can be a part of this awesome work.

Here are a few different positions that we have available. We always need teachers and leaders for our School-Age and Pre-School groups. In this role you get to be a voice of truth and influence in a child’s life and be a steady, consistent friend for a child. We also need expert baby handlers. You could have the opportunity of sowing the love of God into the lives of our sweet little baby vkids.

If you want to serve, but aren’t so much into the whole wiping snotty noses things, we have a place for you on our Check-In/Security team. This team is primarily responsible for the safety and security of vkids ministry.

If you are interested in serving with vkids, use the form below. This will begin a process including some orientation materials and a background check, so please be patient. We want the best for our kids. Prayerfully consider joining vkids to make an impact that will continue on into the church of the future.