Become A Partner

Has God called you to partner with Vintage Church?

Vintage Church’s desire is to develop a covenantal relationship between the Vintage family and the Vintage leadership under the authority of Christ. In the Bible, this is considered church membership.

While membership in the Bible never referred to privilege and rights, our culture has turned membership into something that is self-centered. Because of this, Vintage Church believes in “partnership.”

To be a member at Vintage Church is to be a Vintage Partner. To be a Vintage Partner means that we are not about privilege but about partnership. Being a Vintage Partner means we are connected and committed to the local church and its leadership. When the Vintage family covenants with the Vintage leadership we keep our focus upon Christ and his mission through Vintage Church.

We are so thankful that the Lord has called you to become a part of the Vintage Church family. In order to become a Vintage Partner, we would love for you to complete 4 steps of the Connect Track and fill out the Vintage Partner Covenant below.

Vintage Partner Covenant

Vintage Leadership Commitment

  • We commit to love God and to love our families above all things.
  • We commit to care for our partners and seek their growth in Christ.
  • We commit to provide teaching and counsel from the whole counsel of God’s Word.
  • We commit to help in time of need.
  • We commit to lead as elders and deacons under the guidelines found in God’s Word.
  • We commit to pray for our partners regularly.
  • We commit to be on guard against false teachings.
  • We commit to exercise church discipline when necessary.
  • We commit to help our partners become equipped to serve Christ.
  • We commit to follow Scripture and the Holy Spirit in regard to future plans for the church.
  • We commit to lead by example.
Partner Agreement

I have been saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Partner Commitment
  • I commit to Pursue Christ through the Spirit.
  • I commit to Reflect Christ through all relationships.
  • I commit to Serve Christ through our team.
  • I have attended Step 4: Partner of the Connect Track.
  • I am part of a vGroup.
  • I will be faithful to attend Vintage Gatherings.
  • I will be faithful to serve on a vTeam.
  • I will be faithful to financially give.
  • I will be faithful to attend Partner Meetings.
  • I will be faithful to stay connected with the Vintage Community.

Please list the last church you attended.